downloadThanks so much for your partnership with what we are doing! Our missionary covering, CMM makes every donation you make tax deductible!

CMM will follow up by mailing you a receipt of your donation at the end of each month


NEWSFLASH!!! Did you know that you can make an automatic monthly donation? Not only does it save you the trouble from having to remember each month, but it also relieves you of the process of carrying it out. How fun is that! So, without further ado, here is the ‘how to’ on how easy it is:

Step 1: Click the yellow Donate button


Step 2: After filling out all the necessary information, amount included, check the box labeled “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”Monthly1

If you wish to use another form of payment, you may mail a check (to ensure that we receive a check from CMM please write “Kenneth Brooks” in the memo) 

MS/CMM Missions  
Make your checks to CMM
PO Box 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241
Phone 1-704-225-3927


For any questions, feel free to contact “Kenneth” –


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