Curses. Blessings. Generational Misunderstandings?

 Many of us have grown up in our walk learning of them – learning to beware of the vices that gripped our ancestors and would most definitely lay hold of us lest we partake of extra precaution. The Old Testament makes mention of such overflow. But the New? Possibly I’m wrong in my conclusion, but are we willing to re-examine? Certainly I needed to, even regardless any time, money, and energy spent

Some would say that if we receive generational blessings, then it only makes sense we would inherit curses the same. I believed this for a good bit. Now I begin to wonder. After all, Jesus’ blood, doesn’t it speak a better word?

If God is the God of blessing, then might it be that whatever blessings were passed down from Him, remain as free to overflow? Yet, God is not a God of curses, is He? How then can curses carry through the blood of Jesus that we are now covered in? The spiritual covenants of our ancestors, are they not cut off when we are born again, transformed into His image, a new creation, adopted as spiritual sons and daughters into a NEW family – God’s family, the line of Christ?

Great, is the question that arises from those who still align themselves with generational curses: “Why then are so many believers still struggling from the similar sins of their ancestors?” My best answer, thus far, is that we don’t fully believe who or Whose we are. Our identity as sons and daughters of the most high God is still a little bit foggy, a little bit jaded – and just maybe a lot?

Good news, is that as we continue to intentionally grow deeper into truth, into intimacy with Jesus, declaring daily of who and Whose we are, so many of the things that once bound us, will sooner or later transform from mountains to molehills to nothing at all. Paul asserts in Philippians chapter 3, how he presses on toward the inheritance of the power of the resurrection, leaving behind the things of the past; both good, bad, and ugly

I dare not say that I have arrived. SO FAR FROM IT!!! I can only attest to the amount of freedom that I have found in following this course – however infinitesimal it may be. Mostly, I just enjoy sharing. I love enduring, thriving through the journey in camaraderie with others. Writing out the things I’ve heard helps me better understand, better to live out the things I’m learning

Allow me to add a word of balance. A word of caution. If the sins of your ancestors are still a burning struggle, for example, if your dad was an alcoholic and you currently feel that overwhelming draw; then it would not be wise to dive into drinking, at any level, until you have come to terms of peace that would keep you from falling into that same dark chasm. Does that make sense? Freedom in Christ is not meant to be a stumbling block. But it can be if our understanding of it is misguided, not for the sake of love – loving Him. Loving ourselves. Loving others

On the same note, I would encourage us to become less intrigued by familiar spirits, rather ever-increasing in our fellowship with Holy Spirit; Who is both our helper, our comforter, our guide. Any over-attraction to darkness, in my mind, is probably married to a spirit of fear

‘Identity’ is utmost in proportion of God’s heart for us. Wished I would have dove into those waters much sooner. Not to weep over spilled milk – who knows, maybe this blog will touch someone. Just putting it out there, being honest about my own journey, cheering on others as I myself am being cheered, helps me to feel like God is indeed redeeming the time. He is

Identity in Christ. It is the main source, the very key to overcoming. That’s Good News!