Abide and Fickle No More

Upon a recent read of a favorite newsletter, I was reminded of an inkling I’d had toward a particular truth in scripture. What’s more, I felt re-birthed to re-explore, partly because of the impact it bears on our everyday, but also due to the thrusting hunger on my, possibly your current state of being

“The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one” – Jn 17:22 ESV

From what many of us have heard, this statement that Jesus prays in conversation with Father God, is crash driven toward the core of Church Unity. After all, how powerful would the Church be if only She were unified?

However, when we search out all that Jesus has been saying, Jn 14-17, the word, or phrase “(Abide) in Me” takes its stand some 7 times, depending on your translation. Seven times in four chapters means a great something! I would dare to say it establishes the focus of what this passage is primarily gearing toward. You?

That in mind, can we soundly say this statement revolves around Church unity? An afterthought at best. I believe, and what the author of one of my favorite newsletters believes, is that Jesus is offering us a oneness in God, individually, with a mirror image of how Jesus and the Father are one. That’s great news! And although we may have been keen to this truth… how does it affect our prayer life?

Often have I made decisions, both great and small, based upon my current “feelings”. How fickle those can be! Right? And to what cost? To whose expense? My “feelings” have no doubt gotten the better of me, both great and small, on far too many occasions. How many of us find ourselves in a current predicament, wishing we’d learned from the last? Let me be first to stand

Let’s close. I’m making a point to pray this on a regular basis. “Lord, make Your thoughts, my thoughts. Let my mind, will, and emotions match Yours perfectly. Please touch me in this arena. I have great need of this! My life, Your glory, depends on it.” Amen