Was Satan Surprised by Jesus’ Resurrection: Paths of Least Resistance

I may be wrong. Certainly willing to re-examine the evidence. Been curious over when Jesus calls out to Peter “Get behind me, Satan!” It would appear He was assimilating Peter’s not wanting Him to go to the Cross was as the same desire as Satan’s? So what if…

What if the scene in the wilderness where Jesus was asked to “turn these stones into bread” was so that He would fail the very fast that would prepare Him for crucifixion? What if “Bow down and worship me (Satan)” was an attempt on the devil’s part to sway Jesus into endeavoring an easier path? What if after denying him (Satan) the suggestion for throwing Yourself off of a cliff was a temptation to a less painful death?

And what if Satan knew the Bible backwards and forwards, being fully aware the prophesies of Isaiah and Jeremiah that foretold of Christ’s suffering? What if Satan was the tempter behind Jesus’ hesitation toward drinking the cup? What if the devil really wasn’t surprised by the resurrection? What if he was actually trying to keep Him from it?

What if Judas’ temptation was not to kill Jesus, but force his hand? What if, just like the other disciples, he (Judas) expected the Messiah to overthrow Rome, which would demand an act of war, and that after three years without even so much as a military skirmish, he allowed the devil to deceive him into manipulating one himself by handing Him over to the Pharisees? What if Jesus would have overthrown the Pharisee’s guards? Would they (the Pharisees) have called upon the Roman guards? What if Jesus would have overthrown them too? If so, would the powers that be have called upon the Roman army? If that happened, what would be left but to take Caesar’s place as king of the most powerful country at that space in time – one that would have given Him power to rule the world? Would that bypass the cross, eliminating the Resurrection – the centrality of our salvation? Would that make the prophesies that foretold of it null and void? Would that make God a liar? Would He still be God if what He said would happen did not?

It’s a lot of what ifs. But what if? What if the message here was not so much about God taking the sneaky, down but not out, backdoor approach? What if it is more about endurance, perseverance with hope, joy and tears despite the temptation to quit and or take a lesser road? Like Judas, who was a thief, we are all tempted to take a path of least resistance – a real shoppers discount. Unfortunately, that is not where true Christianity is forged

God is good. All the time. And often times He does bless us with green pastures. But we have to figure those green pastures, those still waters are there for a reason – because we desperately needed them after the fire we just came through. Just have this funny feeling, that despite popular theology, the truth around the Crucifixion/Resurrection leans more toward a fight against all hell to get there. Not the other way around. You?