Deeper Mexico 7 – “Our Adventure Home”

Last night wasIMG_0453 a lonely one. The second phase of the trip had thus begun and I was not able to be a part. Newcomers arrived – leaving with Scott and Job. They headed to a cabin nearby for a next morning climb upon a mountain that had a reputation notorious for handing backsides to a good number of its contesters. As for me, I had the barracks all to myself – hollow as they were

Awoke around 6am. Gathered my belongings before heading to breakfast. Said final farewells to several students and that ever hard working staff. Heart sinking deep inside my chest as I turned to walk away

Bags in back, I saddled up in a small pickup. My escort was an older gentleman who also aided me with check in at the bus station. Maybe his name was Michael… or Miguel in Spanish. He was a musical fellow for sure! A very joyful individual

Ran solo from the bus station in Puebla up to the airport in Mexico City. Fumbled enough Spanish, found enough English to get my tickets, grab some coffee, and exchange some pesos back to dollar bills. Once aboard, everything was smooth sailing. Pressures off

IMG_0818In this life, we have all the makings of adventure lying right under our nose. We have beauty. That’s not to say that everyday is meant to be a first time trip to our favorite amusement park – an everlasting glance at Niagara Falls. For darkness contrasts light, causing it to illuminate all the brighter

Adventure appears in various shapes and sizes. Beckons us, often without permission. Within, lies a choice to hinder. Hold it back. “No, I don’t want to be bothered with that.” Some prefer, “Uneventful, just as it should be”. Invisible is the suicide of our souls. Resistance, the usual suspect

Relaxation plays a key part in life. Without doubt. But it’s only intention ought to be a bridge unto greater things. Notice how, rather whom Psalms 23 is written. Yet, have not so many claimed this verse for themselves without any burning relationship to the consistent upheaval King David experienced? Without question, “still waters” and “green pastures” were of direr necessity for him, than many of us as we carry about our general lives of greater ease

No. Jot and tittle are not required for us to apply this passage. We are free to absorb of it what we may. I merely feel that modern day Christianity may be taking more than their appropriate share – gorging themselves with reason that is beyond contextual and mostly soft. From time to time, I too have lived from this deceptive falsehood – most specifically the homefront

IMG_0772When we over-arch this trip… When we ponder upon fundraising, the rental car situation, a long line for a bus that didn’t pan out, the possible prowler I’d yet to mention, long travels, late nights, getting sick, exhausted, traffic jams, blown tire, public speaking, and having to make my way back to the US alone… One must wonder “Was it really worth it?”

Romans 8:28 – And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose (ESV)

Wait… “And we know”? Apparently the Apostle intends for us to be fully aware of God’s ability to make great of sour situations, however extreme or non. And it’s not merely for the sake of verse memorization, rather a real life’s experience. Do we know this? Is it personal? Are we doing anything to hinder His work of re-creation? Phone lines are now open

Job. I knew no thing about him before we met for the first time in Mexico City. From there I began to discover this amazing worshiper who had thought a lot about what he was getting himself into for following Christ. He seemed to be at peace with it all. Every bit

Funny thing. Near everywhere we went, seemed someone was surprised Job spoke Spanish. He would state, “Yes. I am Mexican”

10258152_667636516629229_7175997229824923738_nBy all appearance, Job has certain facial features for which he is well accustomed to people replying, “Bro! I thought you were Chinese! Haha!” Literally, near everywhere we went, from beginning to end. And for that, we dubbed our team: “Two and a Half Gringos”  

Well. That’s the end of the tale for my Mexico trip of 2014. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope it spurred you onto loving Christ and all His nations, brand new. Hope it made you want to play a larger part. Probably, you already are

Sad and final note: this will be the last FIM Update – at least for awhile. It’s been fun running with you guys. You truly are the faithful few! Just think it’s time to hang up this here hat. Will certainly leave the website open. And who knows? Maybe we’ll wear it again someday? Right now, I just have other matters desiring attention. Personal ones. Hey, I might even blog from another platform if you’re interested. Only, letting this one go

Once again, FIM, signing off…

Relax. Love God with All Your Heart. Don’t Stop Believing!