The Resurrection Gap: Stuck in the Middle with What?


Reading a book about resurrection. Which part? Great question! The theme is centered around an observation of how we philosophize a resurrection per the past, dream still of one for the future, yet stand aloof in the now; save ethereal ideas based upon what we read in our bibles concerning seasons other than. In other words, as believers, what do we do with ourselves while living somewhere between the past and the ‘who knows when’? How can we live with the same vitality as the early Church? As well, how will we stand as those yet future, while we sit here, stuck in the middle, or so it seems?

Premature it is to throw a blanket statement o’er the overall impact of this book –  whether this read is a hit or no, is yet to be determined. Hey, I’ve only just cleared the first chapter! For some authors, that is where books begin and end, even while having a pluthera of pages left to observe. In other words, they’ve burned up all they had to say in the beginning, and the rest is mere fill. Snooze on if you dare!

No matter. Be it a breath beyond the starting gun, the questions this author brings, are food enough to afford a place of deeper pondering around the subject. And that, I believe, is of utmost importance. Might he press on, spoon feeding the masses with answers, bringing satisfaction to insatiable hunger is yet left to wonder. Possibly he won’t. Nonetheless, the prayer closet awaits, as I have ample material to brainstorm with the Creator of all creation.

God is the God of yesterday, _____, and forever. When we think about how Enoch could have ascended before the first resurrection, how Abraham had faith that Isaac could be raised from the dead, when we consider how Jesus could say that the Kingdom of God is “In your midst” – when neither the Cross nor the Resurrection had yet taken place, is a subject that bears no small debate. ‘Kingdom Now’ or ‘Not Yet’, are two campaigns of which I am all too familiar – their arguments just the same.

2502379In short, I offer that both bare much room for growth. I think it fair to note that despite the errors in which each side accuses the other, both are in fact right. Those errors do exist, equally, on each side. Both camps possess only half the revelation available, and are left therefore, insufficient without the other. And despite vast and valiant efforts, neither are walking in what I believe to be true resurrection revelation. And here stand we, soaking up the positive aspects per each campaign; hoping, aiming to map out the fullness for ourselves. Where are we now?

To fill in the gap from above, that word of course is “Today”. And getting back to the author’s point – How can we understand a resurrection from the past (Jesus’ Resurrection), how can we understand a future resurrection (the Resurrection of the saints), if we have no current, fresh, living revelation of what resurrection is? Are we alive now with resurrection power?

Hither is where we lose the “Not yet” campaign. They assume that a focusing on today, will ultimately cause us to forget the Resurrection come tomorrow. Good point! And for too many in the ‘Kingdom Now” camp, that has in fact happened. But are we to chock up worst case scenarios in order to case in point that all ‘Kingdom Now’ theology is erroneous, simply because some have abused it? Seems a strange method of argument if you ask me. To suggest that the wagon is toast, for a wheel has fallen off? Fix the wheel, silly!

resurrectionYes! Positively, we should not lose hope for a future resurrection. Without that, all this pressing in and on is utter foolishness. For what? A nice little life with some cool healing and prophetic power that will one day pass away? There must be more than this! There has to be a King, a Judge, a Righteous Man Who will come and Reign among us, restoring all creation with the fullness of His Kingdom. And then again, we need now, a down payment to keep us in relationship, believing. Enter Holy Spirit…

Our belief is lacking. Consider how many interpretations there are on the book of Revelation. I don’t wish to put any words in anyone’s mouth. But if you are one who thinks that we are already in the midst of seals or trumpets, then one must assume, that whether you admit it or not, you in fact do hold to a symbolic approach. For we have yet to see anything of the likes to what is described there. What be it then?

I have heard such things suggested, namely World War I and II, serving as representatives per this or that “seal” being opened. Again, I want to be polite, not making up anyone’s mind for them, but would love for us to challenge ourselves in considering whether or not they believe the plagues ushered through Moses in Egypt, were in fact symbolical or no. If we take these to be literal, then we ought also re-consider whether Revelation offers us something along those same lines.

My main concern is that many of us, myself included, have chocked up future events based solely upon the so-called ‘reality’ that we see today. How then can we contain accurate, faith filled mindsets for a real resurrection, if all we are riding on is the seeming ‘reality’ at present? In short, I believe this is what is known as “unbelief”. Lord, help it be removed from us. Fill us with Your truth…