Spirit of Reloxiousness – pt 2

images (3)Rumination:

Refresh. “Spirit of Reloxiousness” is a term formulated from the recent strike against a religious spirit. It’s a coming together of two spirits: ‘Religious’ and ‘Obnoxious’.

Although a well meaning portion of the push against a religious spirit is pure, a simultaneous impure attack is also at large; and appears to be resolving in nothing more than trendy people behaving obnoxiously – a mere mirage for walking in true freedom. No one wants to feel left out. Enter the ‘bandwagon’ scenario.

That tendency to feel better about ourselves compels us to hop aboard the wagon to join the band everyone is singing along with. It’s an epidemic of sorts. A virus. Contagious in its very nature. The biggest problem with bandwagons is that they have no wheels.  It appears as though they do. But it’s a mirage! They gain no ground. Their foundation is the very sand in which we are sinking. “Everybody’s doing it!” Yet in the end, all a mirage leaves us with is a mouthful of sand. Gross!

adfdA bandwagon is actually the opposite of progress. It deceives us into believing we are right, due unto our associations, therefore stunting the growth of true progress. The main reason we ought to get in line with progress is because it eventually takes us somewhere. “Glory to glory.” The bandwagon simply keeps us following a leader whom we will never know – never have a relationship with. The closest we will come to leaders like these are on the pages of glossy magazines, the “about us” portion of their website, their latest album, etc etc. Be sure to pay your dues

No one wants to be the butt of any religious joke. We throw the first punch so as not to be found out. Some even go so far as to permiss all forms of media, add a little vulgar speech to your diet, act a little crazier; all to prove we’re not religious. This year’s Academy Award for best actor goes to…

At the end of the day, vulgar speech doesn’t make us “non-religious”. It makes us vulgar. Plain and simple. In truth, it makes us ultra-religious, because, as a friend of mine recently asserted, “Religion is acting or behaving in such a way, with the deception that you’re doing something on God’s behalf, when you’re actually not (paraphrase)”. In other words, the door swings both ways. Let the reader understand

images (5)Is God vulgar? Does God entertain Himself with media that is counter to His culture? How then by doing so, could we consider ourselves to be of the not? When we are still barking demands, point blank from our flesh’s perspective, how does that make us any better than those we deem opposite?

Through all of our attempts as to appear “non-religious”, all we have really accomplished is switching ditches. Where once we were on the right, shouting down the left; now we’re on the left, shouting down the right. Again, we’re throwing rocks at those throwing rocks. Make sense?

Am I religious? Depends on how you define it. The Bible actually notes a “true religion”, which is something the barrage of voices from the bandwagon have caused us to forget. Wouldn’t we like to know how many of these so called non-religious folk are actually bearing the fruit of James 1:27“Haughty” was the word (translated) that the Spirit used to describe the pharisees. And this is the spirit that both sides of the ditch have fallen under. Catch my drift?

Do I still possess elements from where I believe I’m speaking on the Spirit’s behalf, but am not? You bet! But it’s something the Spirit has convicted me of, and we are working together to overcome. Heck, I’ve even messed up in that part of the process. How about you?

Point being, none of us are all that free to judge. Not yet. The good news is that we are getting free! How? Not by pretending like the work is already done and now we have room to mouth off. Rather, it is by knowing that the work of the Cross is done; and that by abiding in His love, acting when He says act, being silent when He’s being silent, will we become “Holy as He is Holy”. We are being perfected, together. As one!