FIM Weekly! “A-Life: According to Kat”

katrina2Katrina’s Blog:

Our family continues to settle into our new life here in Arlington. Just last week, I signed up to teach a class in a home school co-op called “Rhythms of Grace”. It’s pretty much a group of Christian moms who pool together to help enrich each other’s home school experience by offering ‘group style’ classes for our children to participate. The moms take turns teaching classes, so it’s pretty cheap to play along.

The theme of the group is summed up in the name. They are a team of moms, working together, supporting one another, offering  each other lots of grace in the seasons of motherhood. Boy, do I ever need that! It is so refreshing to find this group – an answer to a need I never knew I had. Although, a wise woman (Amy Rummage), did tell me before we left Fort Mill, that I would need a good support group of home school families as my kids were coming of that age. Well, now I do!

We are all becoming very good friends, planning social outings just for us moms. It is an awesome group! And because we’re believers, it helps us to feed not only our social appetites, but to provoke one another in continuing our pursuits of Jesus.

EXIF_JPEG_T422Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday. Ken treated me to a night out, with the blessed help of the McClellands, who watched our kiddos. I also spent the whole week doing Christmas decorating and craft projects. Nothing makes me happier in the fall than the day I get to start decorating for Christmas. On my to do list: make cookies, paper snowflakes, cinnamon dough ornaments, popcorn garlands, and felt ornaments. Oh, and don’t forget hot cocoa.  I love the holidays! Stay tuned for pictures.

Our new life here isn’t ALL fun and games. Some days I am nearly sick – missing my Fort Mill friends. Makes me quite cranky to be around. As a mom, there are many moments when I am fresh out of the amount of the steam it takes to be creative in parenting. Sometimes all I want to do is run! The Lord finds me hiding out in the bathroom having a good, ugly cry! He reminds me that this is only a season, and eventually I come out, offering a movie for the kids and crochet for a bit with Jesus.

I don’t mind admitting that I sometimes lose my cool, misplace my peace. Maybe you might be inspired to pray for me more? God knows we could use as much prayer as is offered, and not just for us and our ‘mom’ issues. Anyway, we’re all human. None of us are expected to have it all down. Certainly no exceptions here.

images2For the most part, things with the ministry have been moving slowly. We are currently adjusting to the vision – from what we thought it would look like, to what it is actually shaping into. Imagination and vision are good, but reality usually appears a bit different when you actually enter it. Prayers would be appreciated – that we would find the grace to adjust to the various changes and obstacles popping up concerning our ministry. The journey is usually harder than what you thought it would be.

Thankfully, we have been blessed with a new home church, WellSpring, a great group of people who have welcomed us so eagerly and so openly. It is refreshing to be around such genuinely friendly people who don’t really know us quite yet, but have offered their friendship on so many levels. It makes walking with the Lord easier to have a body of believers to partner with, to draw strength from. And then there are all of you, our prayerful and financial supporters, whom we could not be who we are without. Thanks for loving us through this season of transition!

Prayer Requests /Action Items – (10 second prayers are coveted)

  • Full month of expenses to be covered. Could really use the help
  • Receive fullness of vision for why we’re here. Insight in making right choices
  • Believing for a number of new/additional FIM partners. Feel free to tell a friend
  • Believing to be fully funded at $3,000 / month: via employment and partner support through ministry
  • Smooth, healthy, deep-rooted transplant into our new community in Texas
  • Greater love and wisdom – for God, family, and humanity as a whole

Praise Reports!!!

  • Now new members of WellSprings DFW (our new Church family)
  • Made some updates to the website – see new as well as improved headers/info at the top of the page
  • Everyone is healthy and happy