FIM Weekly! “Learning, Changing, Improving”

Hey Saints!

Future Changes

After a good, healthy, happy chiding I recently received concerning the way we communicate through our updates, we have decided to make a few changes. Sure, the opportunity to rebel was obtainable, but the wisdom in instruction was such that it only made sense to accept this type of rebuke and allow for the continuous, maturing improvement of FIM. Looking fwd to it!

change1So, starting in October, in addition to the “FIM Weekly!” updates, we will again be doing a “Monthly!” one as well. Here, we will focus more fluidly concerning our work in FXMissions, where we are a part of the teaching, training, and discipling of future leaders for short term missions.

In most every update I write, there are usually a list of prayer requests. It used to be that I designated them at the end of every blog. Lately, I have simply highlighted them in red, throughout the entirety of the update. Well, that hasn’t been working as well, so we have decided to do both. From now on, they will be highlighted AND specifically sectioned at the end of each blog.

What’s also new is that Katrina, my wife, will again be adding her perspective to the FIM update. Word on the street is that it has been severely missed. So, you can be on the lookout for her portion, probably once a month. She certainly provides key areas of communication that I severely lack.

uh-oh-emblemSome have stated that when they open the ’email link’ to our latest update, they are immediately directed to a portion where all they see is a list of “askings” be it money, possibly more? I myself have tried to recreate what it is they are seeing, but have not been able to do so. If anyone is receiving the same, and can show me how to get there, please drop me a line at I would really love to nip this thing in the bud. The last thing we want is to appear as though all we want is your money. Fact is, I have tried relentlessly not to take that path, but merely operate under an “ask not, have not” principle. Here at FIM, we highly value your contribution through prayer AND finance. Even taking the time to regularly read our updates speaks volumes to us. For those who are familiar, we may be looking into using the ‘MailChimp’ service, in hopes that would clear things up. Many missionaries are already doing so.

That’s all for now. Many blessings!