FIM Weekly! “One – Quick – Work”

512-software-updateHey Saints!

Wanna give a quick, current update. The plan is still to head to Texas at the end of the month. In the natural, things are looking pretty bleak.  Just got slammed with a $2,100 bill from the hospital. This is due to a trip to the ER a couple weeks back. Katrina has an ongoing issue with her gall bladder, where she is limited on what and when she eats.

So, with that, the price of a moving truck, gas, deposit along with first month’s rent, and everything else that subjugates itself toward the moving expenses category – we are in a world of need for Kingdom sized finances to pour in!

It can happen. And we’re believing they will. For God is still in charge and we still believe this is His will. A high time for a miracle! If you’d like to help us out in any way, feel free to either click the yellow donate button on our page and or send as many prayers for as many or as long as you like. Greatly appreciate it! Thanks again