FIM Weekly! “Loyalties: Rapturous Revelations on Preparedness – pt 1”

LoyaltyHey Saints!

Hope you all enjoyed the Chronicles of our Mexico trip. Got a lot of positive feedback from our adventures there. Now that those are over, I have a number of other things I hope to go into.

1. I need to take a scouting trip to Texas sometime soon. Maybe in a month or two to find a house. For those who still don’t know, our time, our mission in Fort Mill is coming to a close. We will be moving to the Dallas area, come August, to partner with another family, our friends, to start a missions training school. We are very excited about this new adventure and believe that it will be a long lasting one. 

2. Prayer is going very well. Morning Star has been sponsoring weekly corporate gatherings for prayer. The sessions are two hours long, harp and bowl style

3. Alan and I decided to end the 4-6 am Command the Morning sessions. Short but sweet, we felt like that time was meaningful but was not meant to last. Starting Wednesday, we will meet from 7-9am, with a theme that is yet to be determined. Considering praying in the spirit again

4. Rent is due on the 1st. Food, bill, accessories the same. Appreciate your prayers for that. Appreciate any and all donations as well. We still need approx. $799 to cover all costs. Thanks! 

5. Wedding of a great friend go to in September

6. Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Loyalties. The word alone has a nice ring to it. Mostly when we think of loyalty, it bears an underlying positive feel. At the same time, we must be aware that there may be negative vices attached to loyalty as well. Obviously, showing loyalty to a tyrant, or an evil dictator would not be favorable. Loyalty to satan is a terribly bad idea.

But what about loyalty to good people? Can that be bad? Not entirely, I would argue. However, I believe we ought to be cautious as to what degree we place our loyalty. Let me give you an example. Joshua 5:13-15, at the fall of Jericho, has an encounter with the Angel of the Lord. He asks, whose side are you on, us or our enemies? The answer that the Angel gave was a non-obvious “Neither!” In other words, “You Joshua, need to get on MY side!” “Now take off your shoes, for this ground is Holy!” In other words, PREPARE.

What do we do with that? What do we do today, when one side of the body of Christ believes one way and us the other another? Surely we look for common ground. Yes. But what about subjects that are a bit more pertinent. More to the point: Do we believe this or that something or other simply because our pastor or spiritual parents told us it was true? Maybe we grew up believing it?

I don’t want to take away from the teachings of those that brought me up in Christ. I don’t want to take away from the the things we are learning currently. I appreciate those dear ones with all my heart. However, I do feel that instead of taking the Lord’s side, we have often asked Him to take ours over the other guys. Maybe we assume He agrees with us. And yet I feel the Lord is raising a standard, for the ground He is preparing is about to become “Holy”. Next time…


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  1. Sweet.

    I also feel there’s something He’s doing, asking, seeking of His glorious Bride (something radically different…and yet not new) that calls us to partner with Him, rather than us asking Him to get on board with what we’re doing, what we’re wanting… Too often we interpret His silence for His approval. If we hear Him make a request of us, if it’s something we want to do, it must be the Lord. If it’s something we don’t want to do, how could it possibly be Him….doesn’t He want me to be happy???? Rubbish! That’s the word I’m hearing. Everything other than obedience to Him, His voice, His desires is rubbish! Rubbish burns up, its ashes ground into the soil and never seen again. I want my life to revolve around Him so that I am refined by His fire, not destroyed by it. HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD! I can’t wait to hear more of what you’re hearing about becoming Holy!! Love you Ken!


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