FIM Weekly! March 25th, 2013 – “Tex Mex and Togetherness”

texasHey Saints!

Now that the Mexico trip is over, we are setting our sights on our trip to Texas – a permanent one. Yes, in the midst of chronicling the events our latest missionary journey, I am also thinking ahead as to the who, what, when, where, and how all this is going to happen.

The main theme of the move is to partner with a missions training school. Starting from scratch, we will be following another family, friends of ours from Fort Mill, to Dallas, possibly as soon as August of this year. That’s a short time away! It may be that they go first, find a place to settle, and then we follow in their wake. Maybe not.

Still, transplanting isn’t all that easy. We need help as to where to live, the finances to get there, and the wisdom on how to best begin this school. Is God nudging anyone? Any prophetic words?

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the updates from the Mexico trip! There’s more to come. I’ve had so much fun pouring into them – remembering all the wonderful, sometimes not so wonderful, memories from our journey. Yet in all, for me, it was the best foreign mission thus far!

With that, thank you to all who made that possible! Your financial help made it possible! Your prayers made it fruitful! Thanks so much for embarking with us the journey! FIM = “Togetherness” -blessings

Prayer Requests

Financial Needs – Living Expenses for now through the 15th of April: $1200

Move to Texas – Scouting trip, initial rent payment, fuel, moving truck: $3,500