FIM Weekly! Jan 29, 2012 – “Airborne: Court is Now in Session”

freedom to flyHey Saints!

Praise report: Got out for a run twice already this week! After suffering an injury from an event I ran late last October, I was finally able to jog for a total of 5 miles – pain free! Planning to run more before the week is over. My calves are a little sore from so much recess. Still, it’s good to be back. For me, running is the next best thing to flying. And I can hardly wait til we’re able to do that. Until then, I’ve settled to fly afoot, just as fast as will grace allows. Thanks for praying!

Jury duty. Right now, there are so many in the Body of Christ who are suffering severe sicknesses. This is not OK! I believe the Lord has opened up a window of JURY DUTY at this time. It’s time to make our intercession known. No need to lift up imaginary scenarios to God, “Lord, that you would…”. No, this is the time to posture ourselves, having already come in tune with God’s heart, to declare forth with absolute boldness of faith, what it is we desire concerning these sicknesses, that is, to be removed from the planet. Amen?

Well, I suppose I could go on as usual, remarking of this and that – all wonderful things. But what I’m really feeling is to offer some of the things encircling my mind – things I’ve been in conversation with God about. Lucky you 🙂

Once upon a time there was this movement of Holiness that rotted black and began to beat believers over the head with a message that was actually only an imposter to true Holiness. The people grew tired of such malevolence and turned instead to a movement of Freedom. Having been so beat up and embittered by brother holiness, they chose to do the very thing they despised their brother of, and so used their freedom to beat upon him – mocking him, making jest whenever opportunity arose. And so that same pendulum swings today; having the full truth of the Word, yet settling instead for extremes of imbalance, believing that some day, some how, it’d all just level out. Question is: “Why not now?”

“Don’t judge” went from sensitive to snobbery in that what was intended  to awaken us to see clearly for the purpose of setting people free, in the end, became the enemies best defense for never telling us we’ve ever done anything wrong. With that, came the rejection of any righteous discipline, settling only for a Thundering voice from Heaven, should God have anything to say to the contrary. Yet when He did, we blamed it on the thunder.

There’s a battle with theology. And since theology is the reveler of Who God is, then we are to be quite certain there is a battle with God Himself. For scripture reveals a Man Who holds both Holiness and Freedom in high regard. In fact, if we truly have eyes to see, the two are one in the same, a matrimony of His own making. They are one.

Guess I could go on – giving one example after another, but I think I’d rather pause for chewing purposes, giving those a chance to ponder before going deeper. Maybe next time. I don’t know. Possibly, it will roll right off my mind and we’ll think no more of it, now that it’s out. Now that it’s airborne. Writing does that sometimes.

Anyway, been reading through the Psalms recently. Love it! Love the King James Version. Oh, I know, all the “thees and thous” right? Don’t take this the wrong way, but “Who cares”. Seriously. It’s beautiful language, and just because the trend is to dislike it, doesn’t mean we actually have to. Besides, there is something about it’s description that brings out the beauty of God in a way that has been an ounce saturated from all our ‘modern day’ translation. Not saying it’s all bad. There is great good. It’s just that…ok, I’m challenging you. Break out of the box! Step outside the machine! The poetry is far more flourishing and it will help you become a better reader. That’s all. No big deal 🙂

Prayer Requests:

Honestly, we just need a whole lot of money to come in to pay rent, bills, vehicle tax, Mexico Trip + Passport