FIM Weekly! Aug, 27th, 2012 – The DNC and We

Hey Saints!

It is an exciting time to be alive! Especially if you live here in Charlotte where the Democratic National Convention is taking place next week. Morning Star Church, having a hotel of over 300 rooms, has decided to house approximately 200 of those who are volunteering for the DNC.

No, Morning Star is not known as being a major supporter of the Democratic party, though there may be some here who are. Still, we do support God’s love for his creation and seek to bless folks in any capacity available. Believing that God speaks through His people for the purpose of relaying it to others is one of Morning Star’s primary focuses. During their stay, we will be providing them an opportunity to receive destiny readings, dream interpretations, and healing prayer. We believe that each and every individual has a destiny in Jesus, and are believing He will use US to connect them with theirs.

Whether or not any of them actually turn to God is to be determined. And while it is our hope, we cannot guarantee every individual will. Still, our aim is to express the love of Jesus, in His name, possibly drawing everyone at least one step closer. That sounds exactly like the God I read about in scripture. As one gentleman pointed out just yesterday, how the man at the pool of Bethesda, the woman at the well, and the woman caught in adultery, were all encountered by Jesus, had their needs met, THEN were told to no longer sin. Big difference from the way much of Christianity is interpreted today.

I could go on, but I’d love to tell you that we are all doing well, the boy especially. He is maturing so fast! This has brought to remembrance a word I received a few years ago. I will hold back the fine details for now, since I’ve learned the hard way how difficult it is for others to understand the meaning behind the language that God uses to describe my own personal journey. People usually look at me strange when I do that : ) “What are you talking about?” In short, I believe that we are entering into a season of speedy maturity. I am excited, both about what is happening, as well as what is yet to come. And I’ll bet that word is for more than just me. If you can feel it, I would grab it and make it my own if I were you! -Blessings

Final note, we are still very short on funds. If you can help either with prayer or alms themselves, we would certainly appreciate it. No amount is too small. I would rather see someone give even 1 prayer or $1 than to cease participation, thinking it too little for significance. Thanks!