Writer’s Seminar Ask

One of my passions is writing. With occasional blogs and weekly newsletters, I am able to fulfill that passion – to a degree. Beyond my present experience, I hunger for further training.

My desire is to write material that stirs the body of Christ into the greatness of the Glory of God – that we would be raised up as true sons and daughters of God – that we could lay aside weak imaginations and go for the gold of what God has for us, the fulness of His love. There is much talk of what it means to be ready for Jesus to return. I believe Revelations reveals it best when it says in 12:11 “…and they loved not their lives unto death.”

Are we ready for that kind of Jesus? Is there something that we’ve missed in the scriptures? God gave the gift of “teaching” for a purpose, that they would be ones who revealed the keys to enter the Kingdom of God with the greatest glory!

Morning Star offers a Writer’s Seminar, several times a year. Unfortunately, the price is more than this missionary is able to afford on my own. The cost is $1,000. $1,800 per couple. Still, I believe Jesus when He stated, “What is impossible with man, is possible with God” Lk 18:27. Maybe God would use you to make it possible?

If you wish to make a donation towards the Writer’s Seminar, feel free to click any donate button on this wordpress sight. Please follow up with an e-mail (fimupdate@gmail.com) letting us know how much you gave and what it’s for, so that when we collect the donation, we can attribute it towards the seminar. Thanks so much! -blessings