Awakening to a Movement 2012

Whoa! What a week that was! Morning Star’s youth (led by Andrew Armstrong), just finished a 4 day conference in which they invited young believers from all over the Charlotte area as well as everywhere else. Their motto shouted loud that they were hungry for much more than a mere “moment”. The conference was entitled “Movement”, and that was what they were after.

A movement it was! Youth from all over; black, white, brown – from Pentecostals to Baptists; various Churches gathered together in expectation for a true move of God. One of the main themes included a bold expression in the Baptismal of the Holy Spirit (yes, even with Baptists present). Don’t know how many actaully received their prayer language, but I did witness a great many go forward, with quite the roar following. On the final night of the conference, I personally led 3 young Spanish boys into their prayer language. I was able to lay hands on numerous people, as well as an amazing time of ministering in the prophetic and intercession for the conference itself.

Background Check: Morning Star is not known for Holiness. Although there is a very real and intense expression of freedom from religion, this message had been distorted as the right to entertain ourselves with lesser things the world has to offer. In the midst of “It’s the heart that counts”, many had forgotten about “Jesus'” heart, and were using God’s unending love as a means to blur the boundaries. We actually became religious about not being religious.

All that to say: We desperately needed God to show up! We needed Him to come and remove the veil from our eyes so that we could observe our position and lament our lack of Him. And COME He did! The first night began with a powerful word from Isaiah Saldivar  whose 200 miles of testimonies in signs and wonders opened a door for him to speak a bold message concerning holiness. It was vastly accepted!

Sean Smith of “Point Blank Ministries shared as well, along with Cameron Yarei. Both of these gentlemen did an amazing job in relating other aspects of the character of God. Cameron’s message was a counterbalance to Isaiah’s. This was much needed. So often we hear much of one side that we begin to imagine that maybe God is only “mean and angry”. In our case, we heard the nice side of God so much that we only knew Him to be the “dude” who infinitely puts up with everything just cuz He loves us. Sean actually spoke a little bit on both extremes. He had such deep insight into the scriptures, coupled with a charismatic anointing that drew you in like an addict.

Still, the greatest speaker of all was God Himself. In fact, on Friday night, He came in such power that there was a Holy hush over the entire body; so much so that every speaker and ministry leader was utterly afraid to even dare touch the microphone! This level of solemnity lasted for around an hour before several hearts burst out into song – Song boiled into dancing – Dancing blew up into a Holy Ghost party! Healing, deliverance, and JOY was poured out at such a level that many, leadership included, attested they had never witnessed in all their years there! But it wasn’t over yet…

On Saturday morning, many of the youth, adults as well, were Baptized in water before going out into the streets of Charlotte.  They were witnessing the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom Coming! People were healed and souls were saved! That night, we heard once again from Isaiah Saldivar. He preached a second time on Holiness and the Fear of the Lord. Afterwards, we were ushered into a time of prayer and impartation. The entire conference (700?) received ministry. Great and many were the testimonies that were gathered and given as several dozen were outspokenly delivered from depression and deformity – Praise God!!!

In the beginning, this was designed as a youth conference. Indeed, they were the majority. But in the end it was more than youth. It was both young, old and in between.  Zeal was no excuse. Jesus would have it that we all had great zeal, just as He Himself did demonstrate 2,000 years ago as a 30 something (Jn 2:17). I assure you that in terms of zeal, Jesus has yet to lose even one ounce. We need a complete work where the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob generations are equal in zeal, honor and respect of one another; knowing that anything less is a sin. For God Himself is the God of not one generation, but the God of all 3. Neither of them can do this alone. We are one!