My Trip to TheCall Detroit 11.11.11 – Part 2

Left off last time on our way to the hotel on Friday around 1 or 2 pm. Got a room with my friend Robert and just two of his cool Jesus loving kids. Decided I’d shower in order to avoid all stinkage. Got cleaned up and ready to hit the road. Ate peanut butter along the way.

Arrived at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, about 3:45 in the pm. A crowd had already gathered. A good many singing some Jesus music. We could hear ’em from the parking deck. Glory! As we approached the lines, others started rapping some gospel songs. Also heard some IHOP tunes. Saw some IHOP folk. Made me feel a little homesick.

Doors were scheduled to open at 4:30. Just standing there – it was pretty darn cold! Ended up letting us in around 4:45. Definitely ready by then, but it was worth the wait. We were patted down and pushed on through for the thaw. From there we rushed in to save a hundred seats for the Morning Star students who had not yet arrived. Posted MSU signs at the end of each row we needed. Felt kind of bad as about a hundred other people tried to sit amongst us. Problem was, we needed to supervise the kids at some level – would have been hard if they were spread out all over.

Only stayed til midnight on day 1. It was powerful nonetheless! Think I was most gripped by an ex-Muslim who came to America to destroy it, but is now on stage before my eyes, bowing at the feet of a Jewish man; apologizing for the way he formerly held his heart with hatred towards Jewish people/Israel/and America. Awesome!

Blacks, whites, Indians, Mexicans, Canadians – All were repenting of the hatred that was in the hearts of their own people at any given time. Canada was one of a few who vowed to stand with America in prayer for Her. It was a magnanimous event to be a part of! I found it impossible to be a mere spectator.

Blacks shared both their testimony of being mistreated by whites as well as expressing forgiveness to us for what was done. Greed was understood as the source of our sin that led to such violence. Still, they agreed that the past was the past. In turn, we (whites) expressed our deepest apologies. One ‘young’ black male then turned to the other ‘elder’ black men on stage and challenged THEM to repent of the black ideologies that are widely embraced; holding the black culture in bondage to hatred. To this, they both heard and accepted the challenge; repentance went forth right there on the spot! Afterwards we all hugged someone of a different background. Can a heart be crushed so joyfully?

By midnight, many of us were wiped out. A good bunch left. A few others stayed. We would do it all over again come tomorrow morning. And we did. Stay tuned…