His Name is not Uncle.

Often I’ve found it hard to pray for people in longevity. I look at their life, their circumstances, and their mindset that came out of such. It seems hopeless. My mind goes into a quandary – We know that God doesn’t make people love Him. We know He doesn’t want automatons, but those who freely love without force. I do believe in making my kids go to Church. It is best to present them with the best options, lest the world present them theirs. And it will. Also I aim to practice what I preach. I aim to love as Christ loves us. My efforts are sincere.

But when I look at so and so I am so overwhelmed. I wonder then how they will EVER come to God. How does God change a heart without it being considered “force”? I know it’s possible. I’ve seen the results. How do I pray accordingly in order to get there? How do we get them to say “yes”.

When I look at any situation from the ground level, the enemy looks as big as the Grand Canyon. (No offense to the Grand Canyon.) But the Bible says that as believers, “We are seated in Heavenly Places”. This is the difference. From this height, this place of authority, we are able to look down upon even the second heaven (where demonic armies dwell) and see them as grasshoppers, similar to one seated in an airplane looks down and sees people as ants.

“Yes” is never a guarantee, no matter what height we ascend. No wonder why Calvinism is so appealing. I cannot help though but think that it is an escape from the pain it takes to endure one’s hope for salvation. So what IS God doing?

When I stop and think about all of things that fact and formed the mindset of the individual, when I think about how Satan loves to lock people into deception, when I think about his hand being upon the throat of their will; it starts to make sense.

Our prayers have the power to loosen the enemies grip. There, the air of truth may then begin to flow again. And as several situations began a thought process to produce a negative outlook, God is able to not only bring about new ones for the positive, but He is also able to shine a light of restoration concerning the one’s of the past; removing the bitterness of the way things were, are, and provide HOPE for the things to come. As believers, we have the ability to release that kind of power! In fact, God the Father is awaiting us to do so. He will not twist anyone’s arm. His name is not “Uncle.” It is none other than “Abba Father”.