Call it Our Cross – Can Christians have Demons?

It’s an interesting topic to say the least. It’s also one that is highly debated and continues to pop up wherever we go. It seems that a majority would go against any such notion of Christians being able to possess a demon or more. “Christ now lives within me. He is Light. Darkness cannot dwell where there is Light. Therefore, I cannot have a demon.” Others, and I can understand this argument as well; attest that demonic oppression is possible, while possession is not.

The latter argument seems more believable than the first. However, I believe it to be  purely isogetical. If we break this down into basic science: Is Jesus really living in us? If the doctor cut us open during surgery, would he see Jesus waving back at him? No. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” He is still human flesh – even now. He cannot physically fit within our body, nor is He a billion Jesi that He would multiply and be within every believer. “We’ve got His blood in our veins” – If we had a blood test, would the doctors find a mix of 2 types of blood? – “He lives in me via Holy Spirit” – We’re moving closer. Although, there are some scriptures that may suggest otherwise, the Spirit’s indwelling seems to not be so much of a matter of physical space, but more of an inward “Yes” in obedience through His love.

Since not one of us is sinless, there must be some areas of disagreement with the Spirit concerning His ways, otherwise we would be walking in complete perfection. Would we not? Areas of disagreement are areas of open doors for demons to enter in. The longer we leave them open, and the harder we hold on to keep Christ from closing them, depends upon us. It’s our choice.

I don’t feel it matters so much whether possession means “total control” or not. However, I might add that even the Gadarene demoniac had the gall to go running TOWARD Jesus, rather than running away. The demons were scared to death of Him. They were worried that He was going to destroy them before their appointed time. So was it the demons or the man that made the approach?

What I believe this argument is really about is pride. Many believers will live an entire life cloaking their own issues. I may live a life blaming others, only to retort with rage when the finger returns to me. I may much rather dodge any form of demonic activity within myself, than to humble myself and receive or do deliverance ministry for myself. By today’s standards, it seems far safer to run away from the idea, rather than run the risk of wearing the helmet of shame; losing our position, our popularity, and possibly our tithe checks.

Jesus looked straight at Peter and said “Get thee behind me, Satan. Was Peter actually Satan? Of course not. So who was He talking to? Don’t hurt your hands trying to twist the passage either. Rather ask Mary Magdalene if deliverance is effective. The Bible states that she was set free of seven demons and now is named in the best selling book of all time, re-telling several centuries of the world-wide population about her place in deliverance ministry. The Bible states that her name will be mentioned wherever the Gospel is presented! How’s that for freedom! She may not have been a believer before she was delivered, but she shines stronger than most today, simply because she didn’t shy away when the call for freedom rang. Her boldness gave her the gall to run to Jesus’ tomb when all the men cowered in closed quarters.

Are we worried about being found out for things things that those around us can already see anyway? No worries. We’ve ‘already’ been found out. Everyone knows exactly what our problem is. So what’s the point? Why not stand with Mary and many, many others by making deliverance popular once again? We Can Call it our Cross.

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