Prayer Closet taken Literal – Just for Fun!

Every real Christian knows that prayer is an essential part in establishing and maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself went off very often to pray! However, not everyone has a place that is reasonable. Or do they? Most of us are aware of the term “prayer closet.” We don’t usually take that term literally. It mainly means “a place where we can be alone with God.” Well, I DO take it literally:)

A closet is a great place to escape! There, you aren’t distracted by all that is in your home or what you have to do within it. A closet is eco-friendly, it’s easy to set up, and it’s something you already have! Please allow me to show you how…

 First, you need a closet. How easy is that?





It’s not imperative, but it might be a nice option to have a cushion of some sort; especially if your conversation goes long.





Again, it’s not pertinent, but I prefer to have music. What you play is your choice, but I prefer instrumental so as to hear God, rather than the artist. I love much of what artist’s lyrics are expressing, only in a different atmosphere. And obviously, keep it Christian. Remember that music is birthed by a spirit. What spirit are you praying to?



You may want to have your Bible as well. I don’t read mine ‘every’ time that I go in, but many times I do. I have a shelf for mine – which again is optional.





If you do choose to read in your closet, then you will need sufficient lighting. It does not have to look like the one that I have illustrated, it only needs to meet your need. You know your eyes better than I 🙂



Closets can get rather warm, depending on how your house is laid out. Therefore, it may suit you to install a fan. My fan is nothing overwhelming. Just a simple oscillating house fan might do the trick.





If you do choose to run a fan, play a cd, or illuminate your closet; then you will most likely need power to plug into. I have a simple extension cord running from my closet to an outlet in the bedroom. My wife’s closet actually has an outlet in it. I didn’t notice that when I picked my closet:( Probably she would have won her closet anyway 😉


So there is a prayer closet taken literal. Remember that it doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. This was just an example to help you get started with yours.  You can do it any way you want. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be in a closet! The point is having a place to pray…Enjoy your day!

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