Binding in the Loose as well as the Advent Strikeout Adventure

How long did the drought prevail before Elijah prayed for rain? Was it one day? Was it one week? Was it one month? Was it one year? We don’t want to make any arguments out of silence, but what we don’t see is Elijah binding or loosening the drought until the appointed time. The drought, at least it seems, was put into effect by God, because of the wickedness of the generation at hand. There was a lesson involved. Elijah did not consistently pray a binding of the drought or a loosening of the rain. He waited for God’s go ahead.

If the Church is going to be an effective trumpet concerning the signs of the times, then we must learn to be more ‘on time’ and accurate with our words. For instance, if I and an unbeliever are standing just inside the door of a large shopping mall, waiting for my father to come; I might say, “He will be the next one through.” However, if I say that 5o times in a row and on the 50th time he comes; how much bearing will that have on the unbeliever towards my prediction? Zero. It was just a lucky guess. ‘Lucky guesses’ are not what we’re about. We are about listening to Holy Spirit. We are about asking Him, “Why this storm? Why this drought? How do You want me to pray?”

I am all for fasting through the storms at large. But fasting, more times than not, is NOT to move God to do something, rather it is a removal of the wax from our ears. It is an aligning of our heart with His. When we fast, we are more prone to hear, see and know how the Lord wants us to pray and act, so that we are effective in our ministering. What would that look like to an unbelieving generation? The word ‘coincidence’ would surely lose a lot of weight.

We need to the know the signs of the times. Something that was somewhat disheartening was the response from much of the Bride during the latest aduring Advent predictions: “No one knows the day nor the hour of Christ’s return.” This statement IS true in one sense. But we must also keep in mind that Jesus spoke this phrase after a long list of the signs of His coming. It’s not as if He laid out an entire timeline only to end it with, “Wait a minute! Forget I said all that! No one knows…” We may possess a loyalty to that line of thinking, but it is not a Biblical one.

Since not even one of these prophetic signs had come to pass, it WAS true, that at the time of Jesus’ saying so, that no one knew the day or the hour. However, it is ALSO true that today some of these signs HAVE been fulfilled; only not all of them. Therefore, it is NOT true that no one will EVER know, for when the sun and moon become black and there is complete and total darkness, we will CERTAINLY know that the “hour” is upon us. This is something that even our latest 3rd strike, let’s see if he bats again-false prophet knew. And I have to agree with him on that one. As far as prophecy reaching its fullness in that Jesus would or COULD return, he is completely heretical.  Was that helpful?